All About Night Lights

All About Night Lights

You are like the sky so mysterious and blue.
 Exploring new sites but you’re my fondest view.

We are bound together like pages in a book. You walk by and I don’t dare hesitate to look.

When you smile the whole world stops and stares.
Like watching the stars as their radiant light glares.

I look at you and almost forget to breathe.
If ever tempted by another I will not be deceived.

My love for you is like the moon and the stars.
Stars shine so bright but you’re the brightest one so far.

Thus time passes by so this won’t last forever.
Our love is like the calm before the stormy weather.

And if we were to part from a change of heart.
Our love shall be remembered thus never depart.


  • Mason

    After reading this poem I went and got a lamp. Incredible

  • Elizabeth C.

    This poem deserves to be on TV to be honest!

  • Jannette Gibbons

    “Our love is like the calm before the stormy weather.” Absolutely breathtaking. I will be purchasing this lamp immediately.

  • Susana King

    We need more people like you writing poems like this. Out of all my years I have never read a poem so beautiful in my entire life. The wording of this poem really touched my soul. Thank you.

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