Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

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Automatic Window Cleaning Robot


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Automatic Window Cleaning Robot


- High quality. Safer. More peace of mind.
- Upgraded quality and carefully selected components.
- Variable frequency suction, innovative algorithm.
- True deep cleaning technology.
- A.I intelligent detection obstacles.
- Careful noise reduction design.
- Intelligent path planning
- It will not fall when the power is off.
- High density fiber nano cleaning cloth.

Product Parameters:

Model: Hutt ddc55 Length,
Width and Height: 290mmx135mmx85mm
Charging Time: 2.2h
Battery Capacity: 650mah
Noise: About 65dB
Wiping Speed: 3min / ㎡
Rated Power: 120W
Rated Voltage: 24V

Common Questions:

- Can high-rise glass be used?
The main use scenario of this product is the high-rise external glass, with a clean coverage rate of 99%. The safety rope can avoid the risk of falling.

- How to use the glass cleaner and more efficiently?
It is the most convenient and efficient way to wet the dishcloth with tap water and screw it to dry as much as possible, then directly cover it on the machine. If there is obvious dirt particles on the surface of the glass, you can wipe the dust off the surface with a dry cloth first, and then clean it with a wet cloth. Normally, you can clean it very well by wiping it twice. If there are stubborn stains, you can use the original cleaning tablet to mix with water and then fill it in the spray pot, then spray it on the stains and wipe it off.

- Do cleaning rings need to be removed every time they are installed?
The detachable cleaning ring is designed for the convenience of novice users. After skilled use, it can be used without detaching the direct cloth.

- How to install the cleaning ring after removal?
The clasps of the cleaning ring and the turntable at the bottom of the fuselage are all provided with prompt stickers for alignment. Press in the clasps after alignment according to the prompt stickers and observe that the cleaning disk and the bottom of the fuselage are completely horizontal from all angles, which means that they are installed in place. If the clasp is tight during the process, please rest assured to assemble. The bottom turntable assembly is made of composite materials for sealing and strength requirements, with excellent elasticity and toughness.

- Why does the machine not work when it is started up and adsorbed on the glass and the alarm "drips" appear after pressing start?
The machine has a frequency conversion function. After starting, it will twist the glass twice first to judge whether the dry humidity, friction and other conditions of the glass surface meets the working conditions. After two twists, the "drip" does not work twice, which proves that the current conditions of the glass are beyond the working range (rarely occurs). If the wet cloth is used, it is possible that the surface moisture is not dried too much, Spray water on the rag after it is dried or replaced with a dry rag; if it is too smooth, it can be replaced with a wet rag or sprayed with water.

Automatic Window Cleaning Robot


  • State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
  • Scale: 1:5
  • Features: Flashing
  • Features: Ride On
  • Features: Musical
  • Features: MAGNETIC
  • Features: Slot
  • Gyro: Window Cleaning Robot
  • Control Channels: 4 Channels



Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

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