Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad
Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad
Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad
Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad
Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad
Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad
Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad
Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad

Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad

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Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad


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 Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad




Red Light Irradiation

Reaching deep into the skin, red light Irradiation massage, other products are not.

New Concept of Neck Protection

AI smart cervical massager, pulse technology, 42 degree constant temperature hot compress.

Cervical Problem is Easy to Cause Damage

Easy to fall, body paralysis, menopausal problems, mental disorders, visual obstruction, causing stroke, unstable blood pressure, comprehensive problems.

Cervical Adjustment is an Urgent Task

By comparing CT to understand the cervical spine problem, the first is the normal physiological curve, the second is the abnormal / cervical vertebrae, and the third is the cervical spine.

Eight Black Technology Escort Cervical Vertebra

Intelligent voice control, pulse massage, red light irradiation, constant temperature hot compress, negative ion freshening, patch massage, Bluetooth music, voice broadcast.

Find the Curvature of a Healthy Cervical Spine

The new electronic pulse, combined with red light irradiation and hot compress mode, penetrates the subcutaneous tissue and uses the power of science and technology to retrieve the healthy cervical curvature.

Pulse Massage

Converting pulse electricity into physical electricity allows you to experience a comfortable massage. Traditional massage does not work on the surface. Deep massage stimulates cells through low frequency pulses.

Optical Neck

The red light on the side is designed to give you a comfortable neck.

Constant Temperature Hot Compress

By hot compressing the neck, increase blood supply, make the blood flow smooth, and refresh the brain

Intelligent Neck Guard

Give the fatigued cervical vertebra a warm energy SPA.

Circular Traction Adjustment Cervical Posture

Adjust the balance of the neck force, reduce the pressure around the neck muscles, and relieve the pressure of the cervical spine to the healthy state through muscle tension.

Remote Control

Not afraid of the surrounding noisy, wire control operation.

Negative Ion Technology

Dedicated to creating a new concept of neck protection.

Get Rid of the Body Massage

Built-in two pieces of electric pulse piece, where is not comfortable to stick where.

Fit the Neck

Free floating arms, silicone elastic neck protector, neck circumference 30-40cm can be worn.

Wireless Bluetooth Music

Care for the cervical spine and enjoy the music.

Heated Therapy Neck Massage Pad

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