Humanoid Smart Home Robot
Humanoid Smart Home Robot
Humanoid Smart Home Robot
Humanoid Smart Home Robot
Humanoid Smart Home Robot
Humanoid Smart Home Robot
Humanoid Smart Home Robot

Humanoid Smart Home Robot

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Humanoid Smart Home Service Robot


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Humanoid Smart Home Robot

The robot follows assigned seats after seat numbers are given on a remote control and the time it takes to serve can be adjusted if the customer’s in a hurry. When they arrive at a specific seat, the robots turn to the customer and greet the person politely with, "Hello! Here’s your order, and please enjoy yourself." Then, after the guests get their food from the tray, the machines say, "Please touch my head if you don’t need anything else." When the customer gives a pat on their heads, the robots automatically head for another guest.

The robots run along photosensitive strips on the ground. They can carry trays of food, greet customers and even communicate through a series of simple phrases. With optical or magnetic sensors the robots are able to know exactly where to stop in the restaurant or home, returning to the kitchen when the food is delivered.


1. Waiter robot with national registered trademark, less breakdowns

2. Easy and Economic maintenance 
3. Stable in Performance and durable in Lifetime
4. High efficiency with optimized internal design and control system

5. More time saving, it can be changed easily and quickly and enhanced working efficiency

6. Real manufacturer, we make all of components

7. Reasonable price

8. Lower cost and  eliminating the waiter

Professional  Product Details:

1. Item Name and No.: 6th Generation Robot Waiter-Amy 

2. Application: Restaurants, Cafe Shops, Bars, Shopping malls, Homes

3. Selling point: Reduce the high cost of hiring staff, good way for promotion, high tech and receive high popularity 

4. Product size: 155cm

5. Net weight (Not including packing) 40kg Max. 

6. Tray load (kg) 10kg (Customized)

7. Movement Speed 0.6-0.8m/s (Customized)

8. Control mode: Navigation route planning 

9. Minimum Turning Radius: 500±10mm

10. Movement mode: Forward, backward, left &right turn, bifurcation, rotation

11. Position accuracy:  ±10mm

12. Navigate mode: Photoelectric sensor tracking

13. Battery Type: lithium battery

14. Battery maintenance/lifespan: 1pc 12V 20Ah ,

15. Using time for one time charging: 12 hours 

16. Charging time and method: 8 hours 

17. Ambient room temperature: 0 to 40 degrees, relative humidity: 40% to 80%

18. Operating Power: DC24V

19. Standby Power: The robot is off but can be powered up with the primary function 

20. Input Voltage: Between  210V and 230V

21. Output Voltage: DC24V

22. Safety laser obstacle sensors

23. Obstacle Sensing Distance: ≤3m, adjustable

24.Emergency Braking Distance: <20mm


Details of the restaurant service robot


Name restaurant service robot
Size 50*50*150 cm
Function welcome, room, Food presentation (custom), music
Speed 0.2~0.6m/s
Use 9-12 hours
Charging  manual charging (full charge 6 hours)
Battery maintenance free rechargeable battery, continuous discharge times> 500 times
Safety laser obstacle sensors ≤3m, adjustable, emergency braking distance is less than 20mm
Ambient room temperature 0 to 40 degrees, relative humidity: 40% to 80%
Design life  ≥ 10 years
voltage 24V
Standby power 20w
Operating power 100W


One of the main products of the Company Diner Robotics robot, she has a charming beauty shape; hands end two pallets can be placed more dishes; innovative fashion design, if used in the restaurant will give people leave a good impression! Domestic and international customers of all ages, surprise even moving! She can automatically welcome, Food presentation (custom), automatic ordering room service, empty plate recovery was blocked will automatically stop so that you can still voice broadcast; can replace waiters to customer service.



The introduction of the robot can not only reduce the operating costs of any restaurant, ordering instead of long standing and staff, and the robot is always smiling. 

Automatic welcome Food presentation, automatic singing, according to the restaurant specialties entry dialect voice, more to attract popularity!

Early introduction of early benefit! Move faster, to win competitive advantage!

Humanoid Smart Home Robot
Humanoid Smart Home Robot

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